Sunday, 20 September 2009

Hastings Seafood & Wine Festival 2009

The good weather on Saturday gave way to slightly more inclement weather on Sunday, yet the food festival remained well attended.  Here are my three favourite discoveries from this year.


Thrilli Foods "Making Chillies Friendly".  Delicious pickles and drizzles made with chilli.  From mild, through warming, to sizzling hot.


Stratta fruit vinegars and herb oils; flavoured sugars; spiced and preserved fruit.  The Elderflower and Lavender vinegars are two of my favourites. 

No. 3
Nut Knowle Farm pasteurised, vegetarian Goats cheese.  We tried a plain full fat, slightly tangy Wealden, one with Cranberry, and another with Herbs and Garlic.  All three were delicious, fresh and moreish.

Petrified Forest at Bulverhythe

Low tide peaks as the sun sets. View across to Bexhill from Bulverhythe

A bed of tiny mussels

Petrified tree roots - 3,500 to 4,000 years old. Part of an ancient forest now only exposed at very low tides.

The base of another ancient tree.