Sunday, 14 June 2009

Visitors June 2009 - Dee & Norrie

A walk along the Cuckmere

Followed by an excellent lunch at Moonrakers in Alfriston

Perfect weather for sitting in the herb garden

The White Horse

From Wikipeida: The creation of hill figures has been practised since prehistory and can include human (gigantotomy) and animal forms (cutting horses is known as "leucippotomy") as well as more abstract symbols. The White Horse probably held religious significance. The figures are usually created by the cutting away of the top layer of relatively poor soil on suitable hillsides to expose the chalk underneath.

The Kissing Gate trail

Dee, Norrie and Christine heading back toward Alfriston

Visitors June 2009 - Bob & Miriam

A late lunch after visiting Knole

Deers checking us out

Standen June 2009

The courtyard entrance

Side garden leading to the orchard and pond

Taking in the view and enjoying the shade



The vegetable garden and Mrs Scarecrow on guard

Checking out the sports' results

An old camper van beautifully restored and in use

Wednesday, 10 June 2009